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Sapphires for September

September birthstone is a Sapphire Stone

Sapphire has many Ranges of color most known Sapphire is the Dark Blue, But there are wide range of Blues into the purple to Red, Green and Yellow.


Truth, Sincerity, constancy, and purity of the soul.

Healing Properties;

Transforms irritability to good Temper, Wards off impure thoughts, temptation, and depression.

Works against harm and envy, Eases hearing problems, Eases Rheumatism, heals burns and inflammation.


Loyalty, faithfulness, and trust.

Brings serenity, peach of mind and stimulates concentrates.

Legends ;

Ancient priests used Sapphire to predict the future.

Ancient Persians believed that the world was set on top of an enormous Sapphire which made Apollo’s Gem ( Greek god of prophesy)


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August the month of Peridot

Peridot a cousin of the Diamond, Peridot gets it Beautiful Yellowish Green to Light Bright green coloring from the Fire of Molten Rock where it is created in the Earth’s Mantel.

Perdiot a Gem of Speriteralty and Self expression,

Perdiot is a great Gem for when you have a change in your life, It Helps you clear your emotional Blockages,  Helps you forgive your emotional tie downs, and Heal your Soul.

Healing Properties;

Lungs, Lymph,Breast and Sinus.

Protects from Evil Spirits and Nightmares.

Helps with your depression and Keep it at Bay.

Symbol ;

Fame, Dignity and Protection

Fun Fact;

Peridot is the National Gem of Egypt

Ancient Egyptians called the Gem of the Sun

Peridot comes from a French word  meaning unclear, Because of the multiple ambiguities found with in.



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July is Ruby month We will have out our Beautiful collection on Rubies out along with all our RED, WHITE and BLUE Items. Come on down and see us at FIRST FRIDAY… We will be on the Corner of Mobil st.  and Court. starts at 5 pm. goes till 8 pm. 

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JULY  and RUBIES;                                                                                                          JULY IS THE MONTH  OF THE RUBY.                                                                                                          RUBIES COME IN SHADES FROM LIGHT PINK TO DARK   RED.                                                                                                         SOME EVEN SO ELEGANT THEY HAVE STAR  SHINING ON THEM.                                                                                                          THEY ARE GORGEOUS CUT AND POLISHED OR JUST RAW.                     RUBIES ARE KNOWN FOR THEIR STRENGTH, WEALTH, WISDOM, AND LOVE.                                                                                                                    RUBY EQUATES to HEALTH, DEVOTION, INTEGRITY, HAPPINESS, and ViTALITY.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         HEALING PROPERtiES;                                                                                      CURES INFECTIONS                                                                                                        HEALS BLOOD PROBLEMS                                                                                      IMPROVES SELF- ESTEEM                                                                         DISMISSES SORROW                                                                      DETOXiFiES THE BODY, BLOOD ,AND LYMPH NODES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  AN IDEAL GIFT                                                                                            40th ANNIVERSARY , ENGAGEMENT, AND  FRIENDSHIP OR LOVE TOKEN