About the Colanter sisters

This is a picture of Dana in front and me with the short hair in Ontario, CA. Can you see the mission landmark in the background? We both traveled around a bit until we landed in the Shoals area of Northern Alabama. I started making jewelry in Maryland then shared my supplies with her when I came down south. She fell in love with it and we became partners.

Sheri and Dana Love working with precious and Semi-precious gem stones We are two of three sisters that grew up in the little western town and horse community of San Dimas, Los Angeles County in the foothills of California. Yes the home of Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure.

Sheri is the older sister she has been Crocheting for over 50 years. Sheri started Gems N Lace in Maryland 6 years ago Beading and crocheting necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Going to farmer markets to sale her hand crafted jewelry.

About 4 years ago Sheri moved to Florence, Alabama where Dana and their parents live.

Dana moved to Tuscumbia, Alabama 8 years ago with her family to open up a Restaurant where Dana and her husband ran for 4 years. When Sheri moved to Alabama Dana started to play around with Sheri’s supplies. That’s when Dana feel in love with making jewelry. The Jewelry Dana loves to make is Wire wrap and Raw Gem Stones. Dana now working on Basket weave wire wrap as specialty. Dana other specialty is Rings she has done a wonderful job of building a specialty orders on her rings.

Sheri and Dana loves to work with Precious and semi-precious Gem stones, Hand Tumbled River rock, and some Glass Beads. Wire from copper to sterling silver to Gold Filled, ribbon to nylon to leather if we like the look of it made into jewelry we will use it

Sheri and Dana started working together making jewelry 4 years ago, they started selling at First Fridays in Florence, Alabama and Renaissance Fair in Florence, Alabama.

Due to a sickness in the family and Dana going on the road with her husband Sheri and Dana took a break from going to the Renaissance fair and festivals. They continued with their art of Jewelry making.

Sheri and Dana are back at it stronger than ever. They are back at First Fridays and The Renaissance Fair. They are looking to expand their shows they attend.

Sheri and Dana sale their craft of Jewelry on their Face Book page, Web site and at several shows throughout the year. You could contact them through Face book or their     E mail at gemsnlace@gmail.com.

You can see all their beautiful work and be able to contact them on their Face book page Gems n Lace @sherianddana where they place a new item every day with a weekly special on Monday.